Watch Now! The Annual Review of the Presidency


Earlier in the week, our Annual Review of the Presidency took place. A stellar group of panelists engaged in a thought-provoking debate, touching on everything from Obama’s campaign organization, to Romney’s candidacy and the likelihood of a Hillary Clinton run in 2016.Though the house was packed, we know some who wanted to attend were unable to do so. The video has just gone live on YouTube, so check it out:


Annual Review of the Presidency Follow Up

Thanks to all who attended Four More Years: Obama’s Re-Election and the Prospects for a Second Term! A packed house was treated to a lively discussion about the 2012 election and the future of President Obama’s tenure.

Panelists l-r: Tammy Frisby, Jennifer Granholm, Mark Barabak, Lynn Vavreck and moderator Ethan Rarick

Panelists l-r: Tammy Frisby, Jennifer Granholm, Mark Barabak, Lynn Vavreck and moderator Ethan Rarick

Four More Years: A Look At Obama’s Re-election and Second Term

obamaEvery year, the Matsui Center combines with IGS, UC-Berkeley Extension, and student political groups to co-sponsor an examination of the presidency. This year’s event will look at both the 2012 election and the prospects for President Obama’s second term. It’s cosponsored with the Cal Democrats and the Berkeley College Republicans — two student groups that the Matsui Center works with regularly.

Monday, April 15, 2013
7:30 pm to 9:00pm
Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall, UC Berkeley campus


Mark Barabak
National political writer
Los Angeles Times

Tammy Frisby
Research Fellow
Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Jennifer Granholm
Former Governor
State of Michigan

Lynn Vavreck
Associate Professor of Political Science

Interested in reading up on presidential second terms before you come to the panel discussion? Here are some ideas:

At the start of the second term in January, the Washington Post offered an overview.

The Christian Science Monitor examined the history of presidential second terms.

The National Journal explored the issues that will face the country in the next few years.

In The Atlantic, legal scholar Akhil Reed Amar looked at the lessons of the past.

In The American Prospect, Paul Starr assessed the president’s prospects for moving forward on major issues.

In The Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes was doubtful about the President’s second-term performance.