Good-bye Sacramento!

Natalie ChaPosted by Cal in Sacramento Fellow Natalie Cha.

With the final work week looming ahead, I have the impossible task of summing up the past eight weeks of being in a new city, surrounded by new people, at a new job, in one blog post.

These past few days, Cal-in-Sac fellows have continually exclaimed to one another, “Can you believe we only have x amount of days left?!” And it’s true that I feel nostalgic already and will miss all the people I have befriended through sprinting to catch the light rail together each morning. But I have no regrets and believe I’ve made the most out of my experience here. Continue reading


Personal Revelations in 100 Degree Weather

Natalie Cha


Posted by Cal in Sacramento Fellow Natalie Cha.


My task at this moment is a simple one: Describe your experience so far as a legislative intern in the state Capitol. However, I hesitate because there are countless angles through which I can illustrate the past four weeks.

I can tell you in great detail about the 100+ degree weather and how I wear two jackets anyways because of my freezing overly air-conditioned office. I can brag about all the “cool political things” I’ve done – recording actions on the budget conference committee, witnessing the state budget pass through the legislature, meeting various celebrity-like legislators who you realize are also just people. Or I can express how quirky and interesting my fellow Cal-in-Sac interns are, and how in Berkeley I would have never had the wonderful chance to befriend them. Continue reading