My First Experience with the “9 to 5”

Posted by Cal-in-Sacramento Fellow Pranav Trewn

As a Cal-in-Sacramento intern this summer, I have experienced my first taste of the life of a working professional under the structure of “the 9 to 5,” a phrase that turns casual the weight of a forty-hour workweek. To many this experience is rather unremarkable, but to a college student who is used to part-time employment with flexible hours – it is an entirely new world.

I spend a majority of my day in one place – as opposed to the constantly changing stimuli provided in the past by summer days. This means that from the moment my foot reaches my doorstep when I arrive home from work, I take on a new race – one against time to see how much I can squeeze out of the space between the end of the work day and the end of the night. Continue reading


Meaning in the Mundane

Posted by Cal-in-Sacramento Fellow Pranav Trewn

I’ve been lucky enough at my internship this summer at the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) to be assigned projects I find both incredibly stimulating and self-directed. However, beyond the matters of policy and politics I get to spend my workdays researching and deliberating over, I am also responsible for a number of more structured and routine tasks. For example, each morning I review and organize paperwork on projects going through the necessary process to meet the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Working with a daily stack of various project proposals from across the state is not nearly as individually rewarding, at least in an immediate sense, as directing my own project. Nonetheless, through my assuming this role at OPR since the start of this week, I have learned more about California planning and development than I have from any of my other projects thus far. Continue reading