Learning about Learning: Education Policy and Washington, D.C.

Brandon Wong

Posted by Matsui Washington Fellow Brandon Wong.

It’s 1P.M. on January 4th. I walk off my connecting flight from Detroit, Michigan (where it was a harsh 8 degrees) to the Dulles Airport terminals. Despite not having slept for 30 hours, I’m excited and anxious. Three hours later, I finally arrive at the U.C. Washington Center. After unpacking all of my belongings, I think to myself, “Now what?” Little did I know then that my life would pick up the pace in such a short time.



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From Passive Berkeley to Dynamic DC – My First Days in Washington

Summer Dong BlogPosted by Matsui Washington Fellow Summer Dong
A Berkeley professor once shared with me her impression about D.C. She was invited over to the capital as an Asia expert, where she and professors from other universities were given a tour of the State Department, where they met with some government officials responsible for drafting international policies. At the end of the tour, the officials asked the professors if they had any questions about D.C. “The only question I had in mind,” my professor said to me, “’was are things here more like what we see in The West Wings or House of Cards?’” She did not say that out loud, of course. Continue reading