An Urban Exlorer in SF: Thoughts on a Housing Crisis

Denim OhmitPosted by Local Government Fellow Denim Ohmit.

I have always been something of a pedestrian urban explorer, but it seems my voyages have become far more frequent and thought-provoking since I started doing geographic data analysis in the San Francisco’s Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development. Indeed, there is something about playing with maps all day that makes one want to get outside and see those streets and neighborhoods for oneself. Also, since SF’s affordability crisis is due in part to the staggering demand for and relative shortage of housing in the city, I figure I should see for myself why so many people want to live here. So, rather than beeline down Market Street from my office building to the Civic Center BART station, I’ve been detouring to different neighborhoods around San Francisco, making observations, and trying to get a feel for this fascinating, dynamic, and rapidly changing city. Continue reading


Times are Changing

Mia BlogPosted by Cal in Sacramento Fellow Mia Shaw.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since coming to Sacramento nearly two months ago for my first day of work at Capitol Weekly and the CA Department of Justice, it’s that times are changing. Indeed, times have already changed, and rapidly; more rapidly, I think, than most have yet been able to comprehend, with implications more far-reaching than most had anticipated. Continue reading

Setting the Foundation for the Future

Sally blogPosted by Local Government Fellow Sally Ching.

Every time I am asked what I would like to do in the future, the first words that leave my mouth, without hesitation, are always, “Work in education.” I specify that I want to increase accessibility and quality of education for low income and minority students, but when I am pressed further about what I would want to be or in what capacity I would want to do that, no singular, definitive answer comes to mind.

While I may not have that question answered, I’ve learned a myriad of things during my internship. Here are some of the most important things I’ve taken away from this internship. Continue reading

Good-bye Sacramento!

Natalie ChaPosted by Cal in Sacramento Fellow Natalie Cha.

With the final work week looming ahead, I have the impossible task of summing up the past eight weeks of being in a new city, surrounded by new people, at a new job, in one blog post.

These past few days, Cal-in-Sac fellows have continually exclaimed to one another, “Can you believe we only have x amount of days left?!” And it’s true that I feel nostalgic already and will miss all the people I have befriended through sprinting to catch the light rail together each morning. But I have no regrets and believe I’ve made the most out of my experience here. Continue reading

Working the Ghost Town: Adventures in a Capitol on Recess

Brendan Pinder

Posted by Cal in Sacramento Fellow Brendan Pinder.

While the cat’s away, the aides will play. Twas oft remarked— albeit in a less equitable time than ours— that behind every great man, there is a great woman. In Sacramento, behind every great legislator, there is great legislative and caucus staff. Now this phrase is not exactly something that rolls merrily off the tongue (perhaps that’s why it has yet to catch on), but it is in great measure true. Continue reading

You Can’t Win ‘Em All, Kid

Brandon Wong


Posted by Matsui Local Government Fellow Brandon Wong.

In my previous blog post, I alluded to a trial that was then in its final stages—namely, the Deputy District Attorney and the Deputy Public Defender’s closing arguments. Given that the trial is now over, I am legally allowed to divulge more details. The civil trial, The People of the State of California v. Norman Morrow, lasted for a total of about ten days. During that time, a bevy of witnesses, both experts and victims, took the stand to testify about Mr. Morrow. To those unfamiliar with the courtroom, I’ll briefly explain the difference between the two types of witnesses. Continue reading

A Summer Not to Forget

Maria Selina López-Nuñez


Posted by Cal in Sacramento Fellow Maria Selina López-Nuñez.


We’re down to the last two weeks of the program, and it’s just now that I’ve come to realize how comfortable I’ve been feeling with the work I do.

​On the Governor’s podium—with, my bodyguard, ahhemm (Cal in Sac Fellow Steven Zimmer). :) Maybe one of us will be up here for real someday

​On the Governor’s podium—with, my bodyguard, ahhemm (Cal in Sac Fellow Steven Zimmer). 🙂 Maybe one of us will be up here for real someday

Continue reading